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Identify Your Problems

Refer to them when you contact us,
and we'll be that much closer to pleasing you. 

To get you thinking, here are some of the most typical complaints we field:

1. Sprinklers running during the day, or when it's raining.

2. Shrub and rock beds bare, weedy or unsightly despite upkeep.

3. Dead grass--urine spots or mite-infected (whited-out) areas.

4. Entrance to the property in need of dramatic renovation.

5. Sidewalks with rust spots from iron in fertilizer or deterioration from de-icing chemicals.

6. Sprinkler system is not up to code, allowing the possibility of contaminated water leaking back into the private water supply.

7. Sprinkler valves leak, valves stick on, or valve boxes are frequently under water.

8. Grass constantly dying out under conifers or in deeply-shaded areas.

9. Trees have suckers, dangerous low-lying branches, or branches encroaching on roofs.

10.    Need "north-side" snow removal when the "south-side" is melting on its own.

11.    Need parking lots and car ports swept of dirt and gravel, and curb corners, street edges and seams whipped, cleaned or sprayed.  

12.    Need gutters and downspouts cleaned at least once a year. 

13.   Need a strict pruning schedule for certain quick-growing shrubs.

14.   Need section of lawn and/or trees replaced 

15.   Have an aging sprinkler system.  Need a long-term (3-5 year) irrigation system renovation in annual installments) set up for budgetary reasons.

16.   Need a French drain installed on a low spot in lawn where water constantly pools.

17.   Have large tree roots choking out lawn and sprinkler lines.

18.   Have an irrigation control clock that goes "haywire" every time there's a power surge or outage.

19.   Have a problem with grass clippings being mowed or blown onto patios and other private areas, or left on walks or entryways.

20.   Need a mowing schedule skewed to your unique needs.   

21.   Need around-the-clock or other unique scheduling for snow removal.

22.    Need Certificates of Insurance (Liability, Workman's Comp) upon request.

23.   Need lawn-seeding or over-seeding.

24.   Need manicured mowing and trimming in a certain area, less-frequent "rough" cuts in another "wilder" area.

25.   Need better "response" time from contractor.  Need better communication with contractor. 

26.   Trees showing strange symptoms. 

27.   Need flower beds dug and planted, xeric or native plants installed with flagstone pavers. 

28.  Finally, take a minute to reflect on the two primary "roles" a grounds maintenance contractor assumes for you, the owner or property manager.  Knowing which one fits your situation constitutes a giant step towards fulfilling your goals.

Do You. . .

Need a pro-active contractor who will "handle it all," fix small problems (up to around $150) ASAP without hesitation, and frequently draft proposals to maintain your property at the highest level?

Or Do You.  . .

Need a low-profile contractor who will keep the grounds presentable, do nothing extra without authorization, and be comfortable working within fairly serious budgetary restraints?  


Hopefully, these items have stimulated your own exterior grounds issues and brought them into better focus. 

Just let us know what your problems are and what role you'd like us to provide. 

We've been serving Boulder and Boulder County continuously for over a quarter of a century.

--The Staff at Great Outdoors Maintenance

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