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5 Reasons To Consider Great Outdoors
For Your Year-Round Groundskeeping Needs

1.  Immediate Response
Have you had to wait two or three days for serious emergency repairs because your grounds maintenance company is too small or—just as frequently the case--too large, with too many clients to get you up and running right away?  That never happens with Great Outdoors. 

2. English Spoken
Tired of not being able to talk to the maintenance crews on your site because no one speaks English?  Great Outdoors hires workers from all ethnic backgrounds, and they are all able to communicate in English with our clients.

3. Experience & Expertise
Fed up with hype and incompetence?  With a low-key, business-like approach, Great Outdoors has worked for Boulder County’s most well-known properties for a quarter of a century, including two decades with Crossroads Mall’s six-block central area of Boulder, with responsibility for four-inch irrigation main lines and twelve-feet-deep vacuum breakers.  Clients have included numerous HOA’s, sizable parks and shopping centers, many continuously for over a decade, not to mention installation and maintenance for flagship clients such as Tebo Development, Boulder Community Hospital, UCAR-NCAR, and the City and County of Boulder.
4. Proximity
Weary of talking to contractors who are just too far away?  With clientele limited to Boulder County, no property is ever more than 15 minutes away from Great Outdoors’ office in north Boulder.  Proximity, familiarity, and frequent “passing by” are three of the keystones of good property management.   

5. Cost
Increased competition is the name of the game in today’s landscape industry.  Great Outdoors has consistently trimmed overhead to maintain some of the most reasonable pricing in the green industry.  Ask for our year-round bid.  (We do everything.)  You may be pleasantly surprised.     

Hear what our clients have to say about us!

"You are the Versace of Landscapers."

Mrs. N. P. Johnson / Residential Landscape Installation


 "I really appreciate your responsiveness. 
You guys are a joy to work with."

C. Jones/ Property Management


"If there were a “Best of Boulder” awarded to the
best landscape maintenance company in Boulder,
it would surely be Great Outdoors."

J. Faurer / 20-yr. Homeowner Association. Client

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